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The Red Light Reading System is my favourite way to create unique and engaging psychic-style readings in a close up environment.   

With nothing more than a stack of specially set up business cards, you will have the power to offer insight to your participants at a moment's notice. 

 The Red Light System was built from real intuition and it was built in the performance arena, not sat at home writing grids of meanings for certain things.  I don't have a fantastic memory, and I haven't had much luck naturally interpreting certain oracles; but Red Light offered me an easy and very logical path to create readings with meaning. 

 Most professional mentalists will already understand the power that readings have in validating your skills as a mind reader, if you're a mentalist looking to move towards readings full time, or you're simply looking to incorporate readings into your close up work, you will find a great resource in this 24 page ebook.  

I have not only outlined the system that I use, but I've also offered insight into the way I approach readings, what I feel that a good reading is, how I structure my readings and certain other things that I felt were valid and required inclusion.  

The Red Light Reading System will give you the opportunity to go out and start doing readings tonight; you already have the knowledge and the power, I will simply show you how to access it.

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